“The value of trust, when it comes from the political realm, is a clear economic value.”

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Press releases

Reflections by Jon de Lapatza, Director of Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A., in El Correo

Bearing in mind that 90% of the Basque business fabric is made up of SMEs and that theirs is a determining factor in the economic recovery of the country, the newspaper El Correo recently held a meeting with the general managers of six of these small and medium-sized companies in the Basque Country with the aim of analyzing their current situation, measuring the impact that the crisis derived from COVID 19 is having on their activity and pondering the keys they are handling to try to restore confidence.

Precisely on this very emotional and fundamental aspect, the representative of Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A., Jon de Lapatza, stated that the value of trust when it comes from the political sphere “is a clear economic value”. A powerful formula, he added, which, however, has the opposite effect when it is absent. “Without trust, companies are tempted to make purchases; we contract investments or delay the hiring of personnel. And that, as a whole, generates a big snowball that affects the entire economy,” the executive pointed out.

Also present at the discussion table were Iñaki Castresana (SDA Factory), Lourdes Moreno (Bolueta Engineering), Tamara Yagüe (Tecuni), Jon Fernández (Orbea) and Miguel Ángel Carrera (AVS). All of them, with their nuances, appreciated the position of the workers in this time of pandemic to try to cope with the difficulties of each business reality, both from the point of view of internal organization and from the assumption of temporary labor averages, but deeply regretted the tension and confrontation that the national political level is transferring to society. “An immense mess is being generated because other interests are being put on the table, such as the political struggle. At least in Euskadi the feeling is quite different,” Lapatza acknowledged.

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