track devices for all types of paths.
safer, more versatile and less maintenance-intensive.

general characteristics


On wooden or concrete sleepers, on ballast or on slabs.


Hinged, welded tongues with wide web profile or asymmetrical low profile with forged heel.


Nickel-chromium, molybdenum, roller or grease treated systems.


The turnouts are delivered ready for welding to the long bar.


Turnouts for all types of rails available on the market, with different types of hardness.


to all existing rigid or elastic fastenings, on request.


Asymmetrical high or low slat profiles with forged heel.


of manganese steel with natural hardness or pre-hardened by explosion.

other track apparatus



Track expansion devices and joints guarantee the maintenance of the width of the railway line against temperature changes, as they permit the movements caused by the expansion and contraction caused by the thermal effect.

They are used, for example, at the ends of bridges or viaducts where their length varies according to outside influences, such as the traffic load, temperatures or wind. Sometimes, the stress exerted also involves torsion in the area between the moving part of the bridge or viaduct and its supporting structure. The role of expansion joints is to absorb these variations in length and address, when appropriate, the torsion.

Amurrio manufactures expansion devices on wooden or concrete sleepers, ballastless track or combinations of these supports, with a throw from ±100 mm to ±600 mm.


Device that is placed at the entry to a metal section to rerail any vehicle that has suffered a derailment. The derailed axle is raised by the sloping planes, and the guard-rails bring the wheels closer to the rails until they are placed on them using rerailing blocks.

The length of the device depends on the speed of the line.

At Amurrio we manufacture different types on wooden and concrete sleepers, or on ballastless track, for high speed layouts, conventional track, trams, metros and heavy haul.


Parts and components for Turnouts and Track Apparatus

A turnout or a track apparatus is a device intended to have a prolonged useful life, even when some of its parts need to be replaced periodically in maintenance work.

At Amurrio we offer our customers a complete range of spare parts and components for turnouts and track devices with proven design and quality.

Throughout these pages we show some of the most characteristic components. 


Glued insulating joint

The insulating joint interrupts the electical signal of the diverted  track when the track itself is used for the conducion of the signalling system.

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Mixed coupon

Coupon consisting of two pieces or rail of different weights welded together, intended for the connection of two tracks with different types of rails.  Mixed coupons are also used to join rails of the same profile and different hardness. At Amurrio we are specialists in mixed coupons for all types of profiles, materials and hardnesses.

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CRBM locking device


Embedded shunting device

SoporteContracarril 1

Guard-rail support

PlacaResbaladera 1

Slide chair

AntiPandeo 1


Tirafondo 1


PlacaCombinada 1

Combined plate

Brida 1


TacoDeNervado 2

Nerved block

PlacaNervada 4

Nerved plaque

Horquilla 1


Munon 1

Journal bearing