A complex double crossing in curve manufactured by Amurrio and installed in the Port of Santander

by | May 24, 2018 | References and success stories

Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos has recently carried out the replacement of a complex track apparatus: a double crossing with a curved track and the other two in a curve and a countercurve. The track apparatus is already installed in the Port of Raos, in Santander (Spain), where it provides access service to two companies.

It is a job that had a special difficulty because it was the replacement of an old crossing, and therefore it was necessary to respect with great precision the geometry and dimensions of the device, while providing design solutions that would allow benefits adequate to current needs. The design  considered the life cycle that an equipment of these characteristics should have, with minimal need of maintenance.

The turnout has eight manganese steel monobloc crossings that have been designed, cast, machined and flash-butt welded to antennas entirely in our factory. Before proceeding with the assembly in its final location, the turnout was preassembled in the assembly hall of Amurrio, where approval and inspection was made by the client.

The layout, according to ADIF’s freight regulations (22 tons per axis), is based on a reinforced concrete plate.

The term of installation of the project was especially short due to the needs of the port, only five working days.

This work is an example of the flexibility and response capacity of Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos in the face of challenges, be they large projects on a large layout or the replacement of a single equipment with special characteristics.

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