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The Toluca-Valle de México Interurban Train is one of the most important railway projects in recent years in the American country.

Amurrio has already supplied 31 turnouts with movable points on concrete slabs, 40% of the total route.

Enrique González, project manager, and Carlos Alberto de la Cruz, production manager of the Toluca – Valle de México Interurban Train project, managed by Isolux Corsán México, visited Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A.’s facilities on May 14.

Both executives were favorably impressed by the company’s facilities, its production process and, above all, the deep knowledge that Amurrio’s team has about the particularities of the turnouts made for this project.

During the visit to the factory, they had the opportunity to talk to several operators about the particularities of the project and the solutions applied. They were particularly interested in the welding process, due to the difficulties that can arise when welding to the track on a route that runs largely over a viaduct.

31 movable point turnouts

Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A. has already supplied 31 mobile point turnouts on concrete slabs, which represent 40% of the total route. Each of the turnouts has been pre-assembled at the company’s facilities and certified by the company Intraesa Auding, which has travelled weekly to Amurrio to carry out the certification throughout the whole process.

After pre-assembly, the turnouts were transported by road to the port of Bilbao, from where they were shipped by sea as special non-containerized cargo due to their size, to the port of Veracruz.

Once delivered at destination, Amurrio will be able to provide technical advice on the final assembly when required.


The city of Toluca de Lerdo is located at 2,640 m above sea level, higher than many European ski resorts, and only 66 km from the center of Mexico City.

With its subtropical mountain climate (dry, cool winters and rainy, temperate summers), and a population of around 870,000 inhabitants (2,150,000 including the urban area), Toluca is a good place to live.

Despite the vitality of its economy, the city has managed to maintain the colonial legacy in its architecture and urban planning, and is developing a network of bicycle paths for the use and respect of bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation.

The proximity of the megalopolis of Mexico City, with its more than 22 million inhabitants, is undoubtedly one of the main axes of Toluca’s economic strength.

And that is why the Toluca – Valle de México Interurban Passenger Train project, for which Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos supplies the rail turnouts, is so important.

The Project

This railway line is a Federal Government project that will connect the Toluca Valley Metropolitan Area with the west of Mexico City. It will serve 230 thousand passengers per day and will have a total length of 57.7 km, with two terminals and four intermediate stations.

The total trip will take less than 40 minutes, from the Zinacantepec station to the Observatorio Metro terminal, which will reduce polluting emissions by 27,827 tons of CO2, representing the oxygen produced by 225 hectares of forest. It is estimated that travel time will be reduced by an average of 90 minutes per day, and there will be 13,000 fewer cars making the trip per day.

Most of the route will be carried out by means of an elevated viaduct to reduce the impact of the works on the existing road and urban planning.

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