Open Doors Day at Amurrio Ferrocarril

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Press releases

Pride, wide open

Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos experienced on Saturday, July 16th, a new open day in which the pride of a job well done was shared wide open with visitors.

Workers, families and retirees of the company enjoyed a day in which they walked through the warehouses, played a soccer match and concluded with a fraternal meal.

The day began with the traditional visit to the place where the miracle is forged: the production halls. The workers proudly showed their families how the crossings (frogs) that are used in railway networks all over the world are manufactured. Turnouts for streetcars, subways and large-scale parts for high-speed trains left more than one visitor open-mouthed.

The children were able to see what their parents do within the walls of AMUFER, while their parents were able to show their children what occupies them every day. The visit was also attended by more than one of the firm’s retirees who, not without nostalgia, toured every part of the company and noted the progress and improvements of a production that does not cease in its technological adaptation.

After the visit, some of the professionals, the most gifted for football practice, played a game of soccer in a nearby facility. There was no tiki-taka, but rather the odd touch, as the spectators joked.

At the end of the game, a meal of brotherhood and to think about the next open day.