Amurrio acquires a new machine for welding antennas to crossovers

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Press releases

The sputter butt welding equipment, recently acquired by Amurrio to join the crossings to the rail, is already assembled, adjusted and tested.

This new equipment is added to the foundry, machining and pre-assembly facilities of the company from Alava, which allows it to complete the production cycle of railway turnouts entirely in its facilities.

This ensures quality throughout the process and shortens delivery times significantly.


The joining of the core or crossover to the rail is one of the critical points in a railway turnout due to the high precision required. In addition, the alloys from which the crossover and the rail are made (manganese steel and carbon steel, respectively) are very difficult to weld.

With the new sputter butt welding equipment, Amurrio can now apply in its own facilities the welding process that has demonstrated the greatest efficiency, durability and guarantee in this type of joint.

Optimized work flow

To house the new equipment, one of the pavilions of the Amurrio factory has been refurbished.

It is an open-plan building with a large usable area, originally built in 1929, of which the walls and exterior facades have been preserved and restored due to their architectural value.

In addition to the welding machine itself, the same hall houses the various equipment necessary to complete the process and thus deliver the crossovers.

The ample space available in the pavilion has allowed for an optimal arrangement of the equipment to achieve an agile workflow and maximum efficiency.


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