A double crossover of Amurrio in the new Loiola Station of Metro Donostialdea

by | Mar 9, 2017 | References and success stories

On March 5, 2017, the new Loiola station of Metro Donostialdea, the popular “Topo” (mole), was opened to the public. The station is built on a viaduct, with platforms on both sides. And on top of this viaduct, a double crossover of 48.5 meters in length, designed and manufactured by Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A. It is mounted on concrete sleepers and has roller slide chairs, which improve the operation of the tongues and reduce maintenance needs.

The deadline for the execution of this work has been only three months, including the tasks of design, manufacturing, pre-assembly in the factory and job site delivery.

This is an exceptionally short timeframe for such a project and has required a significant effort for Amurrio’s organisation.

Although the assembly of the double crossover has been carried out by the UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) constructor of the station, the collaboration and support given by Amurrio has been intense and constant, contributing its knowledge and flexibility in the application of solutions to the various problems that come with a project of these characteristics.

The solutions proposed by Amurrio, based on his experience, has allowed to finish the work in the expected time and fulfilling all the requirements of performance and security.

In addition to the double crossover, Amurrio has also supplied the necessary track expansion devices, and has been responsible for the placement of the roller slide chairs to ensure optimum operation.

Metro Donostialdea is the evolution of Euskotren’s “Line 2”, popularly known as «El Topo», linking the municipalities of Lasarte-Oria, San Sebastián, Pasajes, Rentería, Oiarzun, Irún and Hendaya, the latter in French territory. The inauguration of the line until Irún took place in 1912, and in 1913 it was arrived until Hendaya. The line began to be called “metro” in October 2012, when the Intxaurrondo station opened and doubled and improved the route between Loiola and Herrera, thus improving the frequency of trains.

The renovation of the Loiola station, located on a viaduct over the main road, began in December 2014. The complete project will conclude with the withdrawal of the old station, access west of platform 2 and urbanization of the area. This will allow a lot of room for the neighbourhood, which will no longer be divided.

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