Low Maintenance Roller Locking Device

Maximum security,
Minimum maintenance

Result of
the experience

The new CRBM locking device is the result of more than 130 years experience in investigation, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fixed railway equipment.

Design and advantages

14  Concept

The CRBM Locking Device consists of two independent bodies united by a cardan. Each one of the bodies is fixed to the stock-rail and moves and locks the corresponding tongue-rail in place.



14  Locking force control

The locking force between tongue- and stock rails is realized with disc springs, able to develop great pressure using minimum space -until 300kg. Easy regulation just turning a nut.

14   Absorption of dilations

Absorbs easily the dilatations of the tongue-rail.
The upper-side of the CRBM rotate with respect to the lower part and transfer with the tongue-rails.


Easy installation by only one person. Compact construction, only 116 mm wide. It is possible to fix to the stock-rails without drilling.

14Minimum maintenance

All mecanisms are sealed against water and dirt, all parts slide and rotate on low friction material. It hardly needs any maintenance.

14 Maximum security

Even in case of breaking  the tie connecting the drive to the bolt, or the intermediate strap connecting both bolts, tongues continue locked in its positions.

14  Adaptable

CRBM is adaptable to all track widths and all kinds of paths: high speed, conventional rail, tram or subway, Heavy Haul, etc.

14  Synchronous motion

The movement of the two tongues occurs simultaneously. The device locks the engaged and also the open tongue.

14  Anti-lift mechanism

CRBM is equipped with an anti-lift and anti-oscillations mechanism, which significantly improves overall security.

Parmeters of the CRBM

Cerrojo de Rodillos de Bajo Mantenimiento CRBM - CRBM low maintenance roller locking device
Track Gauge


  • 1,000mm
  • 1,435mm
  • 1,668mm
Rail Profile


  • 54E1
  • 60E1
  • 136RE
Track Inclination


  • 1: ∞
  • 1:40
  • 1:20
Fixing of the locking device to the stock-rail


  • AL (Web.With holes in the rail foot)).
  • PA (Railfoot. Without holes in the rail).
Opening of the tongue-rail


  • 70
  • 110
  • 120
  • 140
  • 160
Engine stroke


  • 180
  • 120
Checking Appendix


  • Yes (Sí integrated)
  • No (Non integrated)

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