Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A. has begun suppling High Speed AV4 model turnouts for the line that will link  the cities of Meca and Medina, in Saudi Arabia.

The AV4 turnouts, made with full Spanish technology, are designed and manufactured to allow speeds up to 350 km/h. on the straight track, and 170 km/h. on the diverging track. Furthermore, the exceptional environmental and climatic conditions these materials will have to endure have been considered during the design fase.

The total order, made by the Spanish  Consortium for High Speed Meca Medina, SA, consists of 55 high-speed turnouts for installation on ballast, and other turnouts for lower speed with the same features, for equipping stations, sidings, etc. The final contract amount is up from 20 million euros.

The logistics of this order is particularly complicated, given that they are pieces of up to 54 m. in length, which must be shipped from multiple ports in Spain.

Record time

In addition, provision has been made in a record time, since the order was made on 2015 January 28, and deliveries must start at the end of March this year.

Amurrio leads the Joint Venture (UTE) Fabrides Haramain, which is awarded the contract, and also consists of three other Spanish manufacturers.

The design of switches and crossings was conducted jointly by the four companies, as well as the manufacturing. This same JV Fabrides Haramain is also responsible for providing on-site Technical Assistance for the installations of the turnouts.

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